One of the things about being a writer is that you know, you have to write. A lot.

Right now, I am streaming Newlyweds, The First Year (a Bravo show – so totally junk TV) and writing here. The blog has been on my mind. So has writing. If December was a post-NaNo funk recovery month, January is straight up avoidance month.

Why? Why would I avoid something I love and something I think I might actually be okay at?

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.00.07 AM

Fear of failure.

That’s it.

As long as the books I have forced into first drafts sit on my computer I haven’t failed as a writer. I have written two books. I am a writer. Not a rejected writer. Not a bad writer. Not a failed writer. Just a writer.

But, this has become an untenable situation. I HAVE to write. I NEED to write. So, no more avoidance. Back on the train. Wrapping up the first drafts. And starting the difficult work of editing.


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Beta Readers Wanted

It took all of November and December (with a holiday break) and some of January, but I finished my passthrough of Star of Time!


Now for the hard part – releasing the baby into the world.

So, I am putting this out there – if you like historical and/or historical fantasy, would you be interested in beta reading my book?


Approximately 73,000 words
Genre: Historical Fantasy (historical fiction with a dash of magical realism)
What I need: I’d like story feedback, character feedback, overall impressions, and notes of anything historically inaccurate or that throws you out of the story. Anything grammatical, spelling, etc is a bonus!


When seventeen-year-old Phoebe Harris wakes up in a dark alley she thinks she’s been kidnapped and immediately starts trying to figure out how to get home. It’s only after she’s helped by a mysterious man in a tricorne hat that she realizes home may be farther away than she thought.

Trapped in the past, Phoebe learns that the necklace she found hidden in her mother’s closet contains a stone known as the Star of Time. It’s one of seven stones that can control the major elements created by the Greek gods. The Star of Time will allow Phoebe to travel home through time if she unites the other seven Star stones, but she’s not the only one who wants them.

Mistaken for a spy, hunted by a killer who wants the stones for his own gain, and battling her own emotions, can Phoebe survive the 18th century long enough to go home?