Power Outage

Have you ever thought about how reliant you are on electricity? I didn’t. I mean, it’s everpresent, right? Always there to power whatever, whenever.

Until it’s not.

Last week we had a super strong storm come through and the power went out at about 9 in the morning. It’s not terrifically unusual since we live in the country a bit, but it still interferes with plans. We don’t have a generator or anything (note: research and purchase generator) so when the power’s out, we basically come to a standstill.

Thankfully it’s still spring and the weather wasn’t too hot or too cold. I wasn’t done with my daily words yet, so I finished up and closed everything up. No sense running down the battery.

I went through my mental to-do list and wouldn’t you know it, everything needed electricity. Every single thing.

So, I tidied up. Wiped down the counters. Which took all of 20 minutes (so, why do I procrastinate this task all the time? Ugh).

I just knew the power would come back on any minute.

Then I got a text from our electric provider that power wouldn’t be back until noon. Eh, that’s not so bad.

I wandered the house, wondering what to do. It was awful.

I texted my husband for pity (no luck). I tidied the laundry room. I folded a load of laundry. And it was 9:50.

Finally, after wandering in and out of the office six times I realized that I had a book on the shelf that I hadn’t managed to read. Diana Gabaldon’s Outlandish Companion Volume 1 to the rescue!

If you’re familiar with Gabaldon’s works, you know that she writes pretty hefty books, which turned out to be a good thing on this day. I was able to visit with the Fraser Clan, recapping the first four books and then enjoy a bit of teaching from Gabaldon herself, as she discussed writing, life, and publishing. I made it about 2/3 of the way through the book before the power came on at 4 p.m. moving from window to window to get good enough light to read (not bad eyes, just a cave-like house by design).

It was the best day! Guilt-free reading all day long. The kids survived too. The electronics lasted until about 10:30, then they played outside. It was great!

I almost wish I could arrange for the power to get shut off every few weeks.

Nah, not really. I’ve got a book to write!

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