Writing, Writing, Writing…

I swear I am still here.

It’s been nose to the grindstone working on finishing out The Star of Time.

Yep. That’s the title! How exciting is that?

I am so close. Ten chapters to go.

It was slow going at the beginning. I was lucky to get through a scene per day, mostly because I was working on the scenes that I had already created. Editing. Fixing continuity errors. Little things. Reworking stuff. Sooooo slooooowwwwww.

And it was hurting my overall word count. I would write 500 words and then delete a big chunk of old stuff and lose my word count. That was just plain demoralizing and I think made me work even slower.

So, I started editing first thing. I don’t allow Scrivener to drop my word count negative so I would start out deleting everything that needed to go while my word count was still at zero. Then I would fill in the gaps and do my writing. Not only did everything go faster, but seeing my targets hit green every day motivated me to work more.

I had an initial word count target of 80,000 words. I am sitting at just over 65k now and have 10 chapters left to do. Thinking this one will come in over 80k, but I guess we will see.

In the meantime, anyone interested in beta reading?