October 2016 Writing Goals

Where did you come from October? Because the last time I looked up it was July…

I have three things that I really am focusing on for this month. Since I was thinking about them, I thought I would share them here.

1. Finish Book 1 (The Star of Time) by October 6.

I have 6 chapters left. This should be achievable, I just have to sit down and get it done. I’m so close I just want to be done. I am tired of writing this book. It has consumed my creative time for over a year now. It’s miles better than it was last year, but I. Am. Done.

2. Plot Book 2 (The Star of Fire) by October 21.

This is a semi-rewrite. I actually wrote this book (or 50,000 words of it) for NaNoWriMo last year. I need to go read what I wrote then sit down and plot it like I did the rewrite of SoT.

I start off using Story Genius by Lisa Cron. This gives me the emotional arc of my main character(s) and helps inform the major plot points. Not sure how much I’ll need it for SoF since SoT provides the major backstory, but I’ll at least be using it to explore the inner conflicts going into SoF.

Then I use the map provided by Libbie Hawker in Take Off Your Pants. This helps me see the overall story arc and major plot points that I need to hit. This book was really integral to getting my plot for SoT into shape, to begin with.

Then it’s on to the scene by scene, character by character, considering the GMC of each player, etc. overview in a Numbers document.

If I can get each of those steps completed my book will be fairly strong even after the first draft. I am hoping that by putting in the work ahead of the writing that I can avoid the rewrite after rewrite after rewrite that I’ve done with SoT.

3. Finish Book 1’s Cover by October 31.

I have a roughed out idea sitting in Photoshop. I need to play with it and I am setting aside the last week of October to do that and prep for NaNoWriMo.

Getting all three things knocked out should set me up well to win NaNo and also get Star of Time out to Beta readers and an editor and then hopefully an early 2017 release!

Soooo…..anyone up to do a beta read?

P.S. The linked books above are affiliate links. So if you click through and buy I’ll make a little money. Just wanted to be upfront about that.

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