NaNoWriMo Meal Plan

I woke up this morning and stretched. The dogs didn’t wake me up to go out, so it was a good, full night’s sleep.

Then I realized it was Halloween.

October 31.

NaNoEve! Holy CRAP!

I need a plan…

Last year, I posted a few easy meals for NaNo, you can find them here.

Adding to that this week – bonus! There’s still time for you to run to the store tonight and grab the ingredients here to make a fabulous week’s worth of dinners!

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and Vegetables – Crockpot. Veggies cook along with the meat. Morning prep. Don’t think about it again ’til dinner. Win!

Taco Tuesday – Use the taco recipe I posted last year. Make meat in the crockpot. Everyone assembles their own tacos.

Jambalaya – Crockpot again. It gets a work out in November.

Spaghetti – Mine’s easy. Brown ground turkey. Dump in a jar of your fave sauce. This week I am using a couple of spaghetti squash (cooked like this) and serving these roasted veggies. Because roasted veggies are easy, but make you look like an over-achiever in the kitchen.

Pizza Night! We have DiGiornio’s. It’s Friday and I’m tired.

That’s leaves you on your own for the weekend. Remind yourself that you need to eat leftovers, or make a sandwich.

Also, I don’t care what anyone says, kids will not be harmed by eating cereal for dinner.

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