Quinning the Internets | November 2017

Just checking in with a little update about the last few months.

  • I just sent my manuscript off to a real-life editor. It’s both terrifying and exciting. Like, seriously, my palms are sweaty thinking about it.
  • Christmas season is in full swing around here. My oldest texted me while we were in California and asked to put up the Christmas tree. That was three weeks ago.
  • I ran a half-marathon! That’s why we were in California. I ran the Disneyland Super Heroes Half-Marathon. Y’all, it was SO FUN! We ran the first 4 miles in the park and the rest through the city of Anaheim. There were cheerleaders and marching bands and radio DJs all along the route. Best part? My husband ran the whole thing with me and with his help I finished in 3:14 – which was 15 minutes faster than I had ever done!
  • Thanks to that epic trip to Disneyland I got way behind on NaNoWriMo. That’s okay. I’ll still have more words at the end of the month than if I wasn’t writing.
  • We had a fun Thanksgiving holiday – managed to visit with all the family and enjoy the three new babies that have joined our family this year.
  • Oh, and since I haven’t updated in that long, Halloween was really great too. I took my youngest trick or treating and he wound up with two full buckets of candy. He later demolished the candy in like, three days. So that wasn’t great, but you know…
  • Watching Kimmy Schmidt. Get a Netflix subscription and watch it already.

I’ll be back with an update soon-ish. Hopefully, I can document this little editing adventure I’m on now!