Goals | December 2017

Now that Star of Time is at the editor a book launch is looking pretty imminent. Frankly, the idea terrifies me, but I can’t stop now. The ball is rolling and all.

In the meantime, I’m not just sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for the editor to finish his work. I have a bunch of stuff to do. I thought I might list it here for you to see – and comment on. I love to hear what others are trying to do in the busiest month of the year*.

  • Work towards completing my NaNoWriMo novel. This one is a bit of a departure for me (just like 2016, actually, though I never finished that one). It’s a sweet romance set in a little town in Colorado. I’m almost halfway in and still don’t completely hate it, so I thought I’d finish and see if the thing has legs. In the writing, I’ve found some side characters that would be easy to use as expansions into a series. Early stages yet, but…
  • Tie up loose ends for the launch of Star of Time. These are book-related details. Think licenses for cover elements, working on front-matter, working on back-matter. I’d like to have that settled before the book comes back to me.
  • Tie up loose ends on the business side of things. I bought my domain, and I set up a domain email address. I also started a newsletter (link in the sidebar if you’d like to sign up). I want to get a simple auto-responder ready to go.
  • Complete my edit of Star of Fire. This is book 2. I’d love to be able to send it to the editor in January/February for a first-quarter 2018 release. Still, a lot depends on what happens with the edit of SoT.
  • Plan the launch. Look, I have no illusions about how this is likely to go. I am a literal unknown, I’ll be tossing a book into the roiling waters of Amazon and crossing my fingers for the most part. But, I’ve watched a couple of other first-timers make some headway and I plan to evaluate and adapt their strategies for my book.
  • Finish the plot plan for book three. That’s the next writing project. Looking to start that one probably mid-January.


* I would argue that May is equally as busy as December as literally every school in the area has parties, graduations, concerts, banquets, competitions, proms, dinners, celebrations, and awards ceremonies. I have friends who spend 14 hours a day attending these things for their kids every May. And yet, December gets all the glory.


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