Of Marathons + Men

It’s been a big weekend. Mr. Quinn ran a marathon yesterday. It’s the second one he’s done and I’m super proud of him.

We’ve spent so much time training this fall it’s not even funny. And when I say we, I mean it. He runs, of course, but I drive support, meeting him along his route to hand off water and nutrition.

To have it culminate in race day is exciting for both of us!

In other (writing) news:

  • I am at the halfway point for my new book. Struggling with this one as a romance. Maybe it’s more women’s fiction. At any rate, I think I’ll do a little more research and finesse this one into a romance if needed. I know some will say “write what you want to read,” and I would so read the heck out of this book, but I also need to give fair time to “write what you want to sell!”
  • Been working on 2018 goals and plans. I’m legitimately excited in a way that I haven’t been in a long time about my plans. 2017 was a big/great year. I’ve completed 2 books and roughed out a third, and am writing the fourth book. That’s huge. I’ve got an editor. I have a cover. I have an actual plan to make this a business.
  • I put down in my weekly tasks that I needed to spend some time on certain tasks. Then I didn’t block those tasks on my calendar. Whoops! Guess what’s getting shifted to next week cause I got caught up doing other things?
  • I’ve written something every day this December. Even on Friday when I was so busy and mostly out of the house. I did a 5-minute sprint that netted 141 words. Not much, but farther than I would have been. I’m aiming for at least a chapter a day. Not always hitting the mark, but progress and all that.

In other non-writing news:

  • It’s purging time around here. Got lots of outgrown toys <sniff! when did my baby grow up?> packed up and ready for the attic.
  • Putting the finishing touches on Christmas gifts this week. I have a weighted blanket to sew!
  • I started my 2018 bullet journal and I am so pleased with it!

Have a great week y’all!


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