Quinning | February 2018

Hello, world! Oh, how I have missed you!

Today is the first day since January 26th that I have felt even remotely human. I don’t know what we caught (though I have a sneaking suspicion it may have been flu) but it wiped us out. I wrote this off as a cold for several days because nobody ran a fever. Sniffles, general blah feeling, but no fever or other serious symptoms. And maybe it was a cold. But I’ve never had a cold last 2 and a half weeks. Maybe we were spared the other symptoms because we had the flu shot? Who knows. I’m just glad to be back!

January 2018

I only had two goals in January:

  • Finish the sweet romance. I am giving myself to the end of the month to knock out this little book. It won’t get published until late in the year since it is a Christmas-themed book, but I wrote out the beats in December and wanted to finish while it was fresh.

Scrapped this … for now. I got 40,000 words in and realized I was bored out of my mind. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why either. The premise is cute, but not enough to sustain a full novel. There’s just not enough there and I was forced to spend way too much time inside each characters head. I do think it could work as a novella, and I may revisit it later this year when I have a gap in my schedule to see if I can pull pertinent scenes and use it that way. Then the words won’t be a total waste.

I took three days to mourn my lost effort and moved on. But I believe too strongly that if the writing bores the writer it’s sure not going to entertain the reader!

  • Write 1,200 words a day. I joined a writing challenge group to hold me accountable and so far, so good. I haven’t hit goal every day, especially at the beginning of the week when I was rewriting the first quarter of the romance. Once I got into fresh territory the words came faster and the goal was reached more consistently. Public shame is a strong motivator, I guess.

I came really, really close here. I know I would have made it if I hadn’t slept through an entire day – sick. AUGH! I had built up a bit of a buffer, but couldn’t quite make full word count after I got sick and then I had a zero word day on the 29th because I couldn’t get off the couch. Still, I am super proud of my 36,153 words. That’s a lot of words! That’s a lot of words consistently!

February Goals

  • Finish edit of Star of Fire – I finished my edit notes months ago (color me embarrassed) but still have to go through and make the actual edits. I also have to write at least three new scenes and add an entire secondary plot. So, no biggie. 😮 I’ve already booked a spot with the editor for March and I’d love to have this to him by 3/1. Head down and get to work time I suppose.
  • In the course of scrapping my sweet Christmas romance, I had a brainstorm for a different book. I can’t help it! So I went ahead and started it. It’s a secondary project now and only gets work when/if I have time after working on SOF. Thankfully it avoids all the pitfalls I discovered with the first book and seems to be holding up better. If nothing else, it’s good practice for writing out of my home genre!
  • Sketch plot for book three – The Star of Storms. That’s right – that’s the title! I have the major plot points in my head, I just need to get them down on paper and start filling in the little twists and turns and figure out the motivations for the not-so-tiny cast of characters. Very exciting stuff! If all goes to plan (which it won’t, just sayin’) I should start drafting this book on 3/1. Fingers crossed!

Not writing related, but still goals for February:

  • My parents are going to be moving in temporarily. They’re building a tiny house, but aren’t quite ready to retire and my Dad was laid off work. So they’re in this weird holding pattern and don’t want to make a house payment on one salary. We’re returning the favor – we lived with them for a year while we built our house. Anyway, all that to say, I need to declutter and make some space. It’s amazing the debris that can build up in just 5 years.
  • Get tax stuff together for the accountant. I stopped doing our taxes years ago (actually, I put my foot down and told Mr. Quinn that it was getting too complicated and I didn’t want to be responsible for a major mistake). I just need to make sure all the papers are present and accounted for so I can drop them off. My writing won’t affect our taxes for 2017, so there’s that. 2018 will be a different story!

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