Summer Vacation 2016

Another summer is winding down.

My last update in May held a schedule for writing and releasing a trilogy of books in early 2017. While I am off schedule I think it’s still doable to release as planned. We’ll see how editing book one goes. I’ll post an updated goal schedule later this week.

As for summer vacation, it was similar to last year. Similarly AWESOME!

I still spent quite a bit of time in the car but for different reasons this year. The oldest can drive now, so that helps, but she also attended camps in Central Texas and Arkansas this year, and who drove her to said camps? Yeah.

Middle and little are still busy, and with oldest driving herself to work and such, she’s not always available for taxi duty. This too shall pass and one day I will be wishing I had this time with them back.

The writing took a back seat until last week. I eased back into a daily writing habit with no goals. Made some definite progress, but it’s hard getting back in the habit of being okay with the pile of crap that is the first draft.

Before I started writing, I came back and re-read the last third of the book to get back into the world. You know what? It wasn’t terrible! It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t garbage… So, there’s that.

What was funny was that the read-through introduced a new problem – unclear goals and motivations for just about everything and everyone.

I kept writing, Gotta finish the first draft before I can finesse it, but if knowing is half the battle, I feel like I’m almost there. I have been puzzling out the whole tangled knot of GMC for each character and I think I have a good plan in place for when I go fixing everything.

Still, a couple of things coming before summer closes up shop for the year, but I’m mostly back in business.

Here’s hoping your summer was awesome too!

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