Second Run Through Complete!

That’s the big news from this last week. I finished the second run-through on The Star of Fire. That was the major re-write pass. Today I started the third run-through. This is to address any last notes from the last pass and look for any errors. Then it’s on to editing. Squeeee! Progress!

In other news I’ve started the planning on a new series that I’m super excited about. I know I say that every time, but this time I really think I’ve nailed it. I’m excited to see how it plays out. I wrote the first scene this morning and I kinda love it.

Non-writing life update!

School starts next week! AHHHHHHH!

First, where do the summer go?

Second, I am so ready.

<record scratch>

Yeah, I know. I’ve been homeschooling since forever (or so it feels) and I don’t think I’ve ever said that, but this year, I really am.

I discovered Trello and managed to get 22 weeks of assignments loaded for each of the two still at home. Since they do their work online it is actually the best of both worlds and should make it much easier to manage their progress and assignments.

Somebody point me back to this post when I’m here crying this winter.

We’ve also reached peak summer weather here (just in time for school when you don’t want to go outside anyway…) and the point that I hope for the grass to die so I can quit mowing. Have I mentioned that a lawn crew is my first purchase when I start making solid monthly money from my books? That and a cleaning lady.

Anyway, back to binging Reign and Miss Fisher and also watching Below Deck Med.


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